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06/23Federal Workplace Discrimination Is Illegal (EEOC notice), Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act (PWFA)
05/23Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
01/23Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 2023
10/22Federal Workplace Discrimination Is Illegal (EEOC notice)
09/22DoD Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline
06/22Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act
01/22Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 2022
01/21Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
04/20Families First Coronavirus Act
01/20Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
10/19DOD Hotline
04/19E-verify Right to Work
Alabama07/22Child Labor Laws
02/20Unemployment Compensation Partial Claims
03/18Child Labor Laws
03/18Job Insurance - Unemployment Compensation
Alaska01/232023 Minimum Wage
07/22Safety and Health Protection on the Job (AK OSHA)
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
09/19Sexual Harassment
Arizona01/232023 Minimum Wage
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
09/19Unemployment Insurance
Arkansas07/23Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
02/22Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
12/21Unemployment Notice
12/20Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
12/20Chemical Right to Know Act
10/19Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
10/19Chemical Right to Know Act
08/19Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
California01/222023 Minimum Wage, Discrimination, Pregnancy Rights, Family Leave (CFRA)
11/22Transgender Rights
09/22Family Care & Medical Leave (CFRA) & Pregnancy Disability Leave (NPLA)
09/22Your Rights & Obligations as a Pregnant Employee
07/22Emergency Phone Numbers
01/222022 Minimum Wage
01/22Family Care & Medical Leave (CFRA) & Pregnancy Disability Leave (NPLA)
01/22Pregnancy Leave
01/212021 Minimum Wage
01/21Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave
01/21Family Care & Medical Leave (CFRA) & Pregnancy Disability Leave (NPLA)
01/21Pregnancy Leave
12/19Transgender Rights 
12/19Family Care & Medical Leave (CFRA) & Pregnancy Disability Leave (NPLA)
12/19Pregnancy Leave
06/19Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
03/19Family Care & Medical Leave (CFRA) & Pregnancy Disability Leave (NPLA)
Colorado07/23Paid Leave, Whistleblowing & Protective Equipment
05/23FAMLI Leave
01/232023 Minimum Wage
11/22FAMLI Leave
08/22Antidiscrimination Notice
07/22Workers' Compensation
06/22Paid Leave, Whistleblowing & Protective Equipment
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/21Paid Leave, Whistleblowing & Protective Equipment
12/21Antidiscrimination Notice
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/20Paid Leave, Whistleblowing & Protective Equipment
08/20Employment Discrimination (includes Pregnant Workers' Act)
02/202020 Minimum Wage
02/202020 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Employment Discrimination (includes Pregnant Workers' Act)
06/19Workers' Compensation
05/19Unemployment Notice
Connecticut06/23Pregnancy Discrimination
07/22Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
04/22Healthcare Advocate
12/21Worker's Comp
07/20Wage & Workplace Administrative Regulations
01/20Wage & Workplace Administrative Regulations
10/19Sexual Harassment
06/19Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
Delaware02/23Wage Theft
12/212022 Minimum Wage
01/192019 Minimum Wage
District of Columbia05/232023 Minimum Wage
12/22Family & Medical Leave Act, Equal Employment Opportunity
10/22Paid Family Leave
07/22Equal Employment Opportunity
06/22Minimum Wage
04/22Provisions for Employment of Minors
12/21Family & Medical Leave Act
06/21Minimum Wage
04/20Family & Medical Leave Act
12/19Family & Medical Leave Act
10/19Worker's Compensation
08/19Right to Breastfeed
01/19Protecting Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
Florida09/22Minimum Wage
05/21Workers' Compensation
10/19Reemployment Assistance  Law
10/19Workers' Compensation
03/19Workers' Compensation
Georgia07/23Bill of Rights, Panel of Physicians
09/22Child Labor Summary Sheet
07/22Workers’ Compensation Bill of Rights 
07/22Workers' Compensation Law: Panel of Physicians
07/22Workers’ Compensation Law: Managed Care Organization Procedures
12/21Workers' Compensation Law: Panel of Physicians
08/21Workers' Compensation Law: Panel of Physicians
07/19Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
Hawaii07/22Wage and Hour Laws
10/20Discrimination Notice
10/20Disability Compensation Law
10/20Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
10/20Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH)
10/20Wage and Hour Laws
08/19Wage and Hour Laws
08/19Disability Compensation Law
08/19Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
08/19Discrimination Notice
08/19Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH)
03/19Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act: Equal Opportunity
03/19Minimum Wage
Illinois01/232023 Minimum Wage
09/22Job Safety and Health (OSHA) *PUBLIC
07/22Pregnancy Rights
01/222022 Minimum Wage
01/22Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
01/22Job Safety and Health (OSHA) *PUBLIC
01/22Day & Temporary Labor Services
01/22Emergency Care for Choking
05/21Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
03/21Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
03/21Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
01/212021 Minimum Wage
08/20Day & Temporary Labor Services
08/20Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
08/20 Job Safety and Health (OSHA) *PUBLIC
07/20Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
02/20 Job Safety and Health (OSHA) *PUBLIC
12/19Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
Indiana07/21Minimum Wage
12/20Teen Work Hours Notice
04/20Teen Work Hours Notice
07/19Indiana OSHA
03/19Teen Work Hours Notice
12/21No Smoking
03/19Child Labor Law: Notice of Hours
Kentucky10/21Safety and Health on the Job (KYOSH)
02/20Child Labor
02/20Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
02/20Wage & Hour
02/20Safety and Health on the Job (KYOSH)
03/19Child Labor
03/19Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
03/19Wage & Hour
03/19Safety and Health on the Job (KYOSH)
Louisiana08/23Genetic Testing, Earned Income Credit 2023
12/22Earned Income Credit 2022
09/22Minor Labor Law
06/22Earned Income Credit 2021
04/22Independent Contractor
01/22Earned Income Credit 2021
12/21Pregnancy Rights of Employees
12/21Unemployment Insurance: Independent Contractor/Employee
04/21Earned Income Credit 2020
Maine01/23Minimum Wage, Regulation of Employment
01/22Regulation of Employment
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/202021 Minimum Wage
09/20Regulation of Employment
03/20Nursing Mothers
03/20Regulation of Employment
03/20Workers’ Compensation
12/192020 Minimum Wage
12/19Nursing Mothers
12/19Regulation of Employment
12/19Employment Security Act
12/19Child Labors
12/19Occupational Safety & Health Regulations (ME OSHA) *PUBLIC
12/19Video Display Terminal Law
12/19Whistleblower's Protection Act
08/19Whistleblower's Protection Act
03/19Employment Security Act
03/19Regulation of Employment
03/19Workers’ Compensation
Maryland01/232023 Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
04/22Equal Pay Act
04/22Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
04/22Employment of Minors
04/22Earned Sick & Safe Leave
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/21Pregnancy Accommodation
12/20Employment of Minors
10/20Earned Sick & Safe Leave
10/20Equal Pay Act
10/20Health Insurance Coverage
10/20Unemployment Insurance
01/20Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
10/19Equal Pay Act
10/19Equal Pay Act
10/19Employment of Minors
10/19Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
08/19Earned Sick & Safe Leave
06/19Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
05/19Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
05/19Minimum Wage & Overtime Law
Massachusetts06/23Parental Leave
03/23Fair Employment
01/232023 Minimum Wage
11/22Paid & Family Medical Leave
08/21Paid & Family Medical Leave
08/21Wage and Hour
12/20Paid Family and Medical Leave
10/19Workers' Compensation
08/19No Smoking
06/19Paid & Family Medical Leave
04/19Paid & Family Medical Leave
01/19Sexual Harassment
Michigan12/21Minimum Wage 
12/21Paid Medical Leave Act
12/21Safety and Health Protection on the Job (MIOSHA)
02/21Paid Medical Leave Act
12/20Minimum Wage
03/20Workers' Disability Compensation, Rights & Responsibilities
03/20Workers' Disability Compensation, Know Your Rights
01/20Safety and Health Protection on the Job (MIOSHA)
01/20Right to Know SDS Location #2106 (New/Revised SDS) 
01/20Right to Know SDS Location #2105 (Hazardous Materials)
12/19Minimum Wage
12/19Employment Security Act
12/19Paid Medical Leave Act
04/19Workers' Disability Compensation, Rights & Responsibilities
03/19Minimum Wage
03/19Paid Medical Leave Act
Minnesota01/232023 Minimum Wage
04/22Unemployment Insurance Benefits
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
11/19Smoke Free
Mississippi06/20Unemployment Insurance
06/19Worker's Compensation
Missouri01/232023 Minimum Wage
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/21Discrimination in Public Accommodation *separate poster
12/21Discrimination in Employment 
04/21Discrimination in Employment 
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/20Unemployment Insurance
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Worker's Compensation
Montana01/232023 Minimum Wage
04/22Clean Indoor Act
12/212022 Minimum Wage
08/21Discrimination is Against the Law
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
Nebraska01/232023 Minimum Wage, Unemployment Insurance
12/16Employment & Pregnancy Discriminatione
12/16Unemployment Insurance
12/16Minimum Wage 
12/14Minimum Wage 
Nevada07/23Rules To Be Observed By Employers
04/232023 Minimum Wage, Overtime
01/23NV OSHA
06/22Rules to Be Observed by Employers (Wage and Hour Laws)
06/22Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
06/22Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
05/22NV Assembly Bill 307 (Job Training Programs)
03/22NV Assembly Bill 307 (Job Training Programs)
09/21NV Assembly Bill 307 (Job Training Programs)
09/21NV Assembly Bill 190 (Sick Leave)
06/21Rules to Be Observed by Employers (Wage and Hour Laws)
06/21Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
06/21Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
02/21NV OSHA
11/20Worker's Compensation
07/20Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/20Rules to Be Observed by Employers (Wage and Hour Laws)
05/20Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
05/20Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
02/20NV OSHA
11/19Worker's Compensation
10/19NV OSHA
08/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Notice to Employer that Employee is Sick or Sustained Injury
07/19Senate Bill 312 (Paid Leave)
07/19Minimum Wage Bulletin *NEW
07/19Rules to Be Observed by Employers (Wage and Hour Laws)
07/19Notice of Limitations: Lie Detector Tests
07/19Domestic Violence Victim's Bulletin
07/19Nursing Mother's Accommodation 
07/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
06/19Worker's Compensation
04/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
03/19Domestic Violence Victim's Bulletin
New Hampshire10/22Paid Family Leave & Medical Leave
09/19Employment Discrimination
11/18Equal Pay
02/18Protective Legislation Law
02/18Criteria to Establish an Employee or Independent Contractor
02/18Minimum Wage
02/18Whistleblower Act
02/18Equal Pay Act
02/18Worker's Right to Know Act
New Jersey04/23SAFE Act
01/232023 Minimum Wage
08/22Family Leave Act
08/22Law Prohibits Discrimination in Employment 
04/22Payment of Wages
02/222022 Minimum Wage
02/22Earned Sick Leave
12/21Family Leave Act
01/21Minimum Wage
06/20Law Prohibits Misclassification
12/19Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
09/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Unemployment Insurance 
06/19Minimum Wage
04/19Family Leave Insurance 
04/19Family Leave Act
01/19Earned Sick Time
New Mexico01/232023 Minimum Wage
06/22Paid Sick Leave
01/222022 Minimum Wage
12/202021 Minimum Wage
12/20Job Health & Safety (NM OSHA)
07/20Human Rights Act: Discrimination is Against the Law
12/192020 Minimum Wage
03/19Worker's Compensation Fraud
New York06/23Unemployment Insurance
01/232023 Minimum Wage
01/23Veterans Resources
02/22Notice of Employee Rights, Protections, & Obligations Under LLS 740
01/222022 Minimum Wage
01/212021 Minimum Wage
01/21Child Labor Law
07/202020 Minimum Wage
04/20Time to Vote
12/192020 Minimum Wage
10/19Minimum Wage
10/19Fringe Benefits and Hours 
07/19Fringe Benefits and Hours 
04/19Time to Vote
North Carolina11/22Wage & Hour Notice to Employees
12/21Wage & Hour Notice to Employees
05/21Wage & Hour Notice to Employees
12/20Workers' Compensation
06/20Wage & Hour Notice to Employees
04/20Wage & Hour Notice to Employees
02/20Unemployment Insurance Poster
North Dakota06/22Minimum Wage & Work Conditions Summary
12/19Unemployment Notice
08/19Worker Safety & Insurance
Ohio01/232023 Minimum Wage
06/22Workers' Compensation Self-Insured
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/21Unemployment Insurance
12/21Workers' Compensation Rebuttable Presumption
06/21Fair Employment Practice: OH Civil Rights Act
12/202021 Minimum Wage
02/20Fair Employment Practice: OH Civil Rights Act
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Minor Labor Laws
04/19Unemployment Insurance
03/19Minimum Wage
01/19Fair Employment Practice: OH Civil Rights Act
Oklahoma12/21Unemployment Insurance
02/21Workers' Compensation
12/19Workers' Compensation
04/19Oklahoma OSHA (public)
02/19Minimum Wage
Oregon06/23Minimum Wage
02/23Workplace Accommodations
10/22Paid Leave Oregon
06/22Minimum Wage
06/22Meals & Breaks / Overtime & Paychecks
06/22Equal Pay
06/22Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault & Stalking
06/22Sick Time
06/22Family Leave Act
01/22Family Leave Act
01/22Oregon OSHA
06/21Minimum Wage
05/21Meals & Breaks / Overtime & Paychecks
05/21Equal Pay Act
05/21Family Leave Act
05/21Sexual Harassment & Domestic Violence
05/21Sick Time
06/20Meals & Breaks / Overtime & Paychecks
06/20Minimum Wage
06/20Family Leave Act
06/20Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault & Stalking
06/20Equal Pay Act
06/20Sick Time
03/20Oregon OSHA
01/20Workplace Accommodation Notice
06/19Agricultural Minimum Wage
06/19Minimum Wage
02/19Agricultural Minimum Wage
02/19Minimum Wage
02/19Oregon Family Medical Leave
02/19Paid Sick Time
02/19Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence, Harassment, Sexual Assault & Stalking
Pennsylvania09/22Workers' Compensation Insurance
07/22Minimum Wage
12/20Minimum Wage
03/20Right to Know Act (Public Employees OSHA)
05/18Workers' Compensation Insurance
Puerto Rico03/20Bill of Rights of Working Women * New Poster
01/20Labor Standards
01/20Discrimination is Illegal
01/20Social Security
Rhode Island01/232023 Minimum Wage 
12/22Pay Equity Act
07/22Minimum Wage
01/222022 Minimum Wage
10/20Minimum Wage 
10/20Workers’ Compensation
10/20Family Medical Leave
10/20Right-to-Know Law: Hazardous Substance
10/20Prevailing Wage
10/20Unemployment Insurance & Temporary Disability Insurance Law
03/19Smoke Free
03/19Prevailing Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
South Carolina01/23Discrimination
04/19Equal Opportunity is the Law
09/18Unemployment Insurance
07/18Labor Law Abstract
South Dakota01/232023 Minimum Wage
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/202021 Minimum Wage
05/20Reemployment Assistance (Unemployment Insurance)
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Reemployment Assistance (Unemployment Insurance)
Tennessee06/18Workers’ Compensation
08/17Wage Regulations / Child Labor
04/17Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Texas02/23Equal Employment Opportunity (Discrimination)
09/22Child Labor Laws
09/22Workers' Compensation: Ombudsman Program
07/22Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
06/20Pay Day & Unemployment Notice
10/18Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
08/18Workers' Compensation: Ombudsman Program
03/20Utah OSHA 
12/19Workers’ Compensation
Vermont01/232023 Minimum Wage
08/22Employment Protections for Victims of Crime
12/212022 Minimum Wage
01/21Healthcare Whistleblower's Protection Act
01/21Child Labor
01/21Posting of Safety Records
01/21Earned Sick Time Act
01/21Healthcare Whistleblower's Protection Act
01/21Reinstatement and Liability
01/21Sexual Harassment is Illegal
01/21Unemployment Insurance
01/21Employment Protections for Victims of Crime
01/21Accommodations for Pregnant Employees
12/202021 Minimum Wage
02/202020 Minimum Wage
02/20Healthcare Whistleblower's Protection Act
01/20Unemployment Insurance
12/192020 Minimum Wage
11/19Earned Sick Time Act
08/19Earned Sick Time Act
08/19Parental & Family Leave
03/19Minimum Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
Virginia08/23Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
01/232023 Minimum Wage
09/22Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
07/22Seizure First Aid
01/222022 Minimum Wage
12/21Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
07/21Human Rights Act: Reasonable Accommodations for Disability
07/21Human Rights Act:  Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnancy
05/21Minimum Wage
04/21Low Income Tax Credit (CLI)
08/20Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
08/20Workers' Compensation
07/20Human Rights Act:  Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnancy
07/20Covenant Not to Compete
02/20Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
08/19Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
02/19Earned Income Credit
01/19Occupational Safety & Health Protection (VOSH)
Washington01/232023 Minimum Wage
12/22Paid Family Leave
07/22Job Safety & Health Law
04/22Paid Family & Medical Leave
12/212022 Minimum Wage
12/21Your Rights as a Worker
12/202021 Minimum Wage
11/20Paid Leave
11/20Your Rights as a Worker
03/20Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
12/192020 Minimum Wage
12/19Paid Family & Medical Leave
10/19WISHA Job Safety and Health
08/19Domestic Violence Resources Poster
08/19Unemployment Benefits
05/19Your Rights as a Worker
04/19Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
04/19Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
West Virginia09/22Unemployment Benefits
07/22Unemployment Benefits
05/16Human Rights Act
11/15Parental Leave Act *PUBLIC
11/15Human Rights Act
06/15Wage and Payment Collection Act
Wisconsin07/20Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing Devices
07/20Special Minimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities
07/20Minimum Wage
07/20Retaliation of Health Care 
07/20Special Minimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities
07/20Bone Marrow & Organ Donation Leave Act
07/20Minor Working Hours
07/20Family Medical Leave Act
07/20Business Closing/Mass Layoff Notification Law
06/20Notice of Cessation
09/19Unemployment Insurance
04/19Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing Devices
04/19Special Minimum Wage for Workers with Disabilities
04/19Minimum Wage
Wyoming08/22Workers' Compensation Act
08/22Unemployment Insurance
10/18Workers' Compensation Act