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FEDERAL04/20Families First Coronavirus Act (SEPARATE POSTER)
01/20Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
10/19DOD Hotline
04/19E-verify Right to Work *Sold Separately
12/18Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 2019
10/18Employee Rights with Disabilities
05/18Davis-Bacon Act
01/18Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
09/17E-verify Right to Work *Sold Separately
06/17E-verify Right to Work *Sold Separately
01/17Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
08/19FLSA Minimum Wage
08/19Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
11/16Pay Transparency for Federal Contractors
11/15Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
04/15Federal Contractor Minimum Wage 
12/14Federal Contractor Minimum Wage
12/13E-verify Right to Work *Sold Separately
04/12Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
11/09Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act - EEO Poster
07/09FLSA Minimum Wage
Alabama02/20Unemployment Compensation Partial Notice
03/18Child Labor Law
03/18Your Job Insurance
06/13Unemployment Compensation Partial Notice (Downloadable)
11/12Workers Compensation
10/12Child Labor Law
10/12Unemployment Compensation Fraud
10/12Your Job Insurance
Alaska12/192020 Minimum Wage
09/19Sexual Harassment
12/182019 Minimum Wage
11/18No Smoking
07/18Sexual Harassment
03/18Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
03/18Child Labor
03/18Emergency Phone Numbers
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/162017 Minimum Wage
10/16Emergency Phone Numbers
02/16Alaska Wage and Hour Act
07/15Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
01/152015 Minimum Wage
10/14Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
08/14Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
06/12Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
05/12Notice to Employees Unemployment Insurance
Arizona12/192020 Minimum Wage
09/19Unemployment Insurance
12/182019 Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
02/17Paid Sick Leave
12/162017 Minimum Wage
11/152016 Minimum Wage
12/142015 Minimum Wage
03/14Unemployment Insurance
11/132014 Minimum Wage
10/122013 Minimum Wage
Arkansas10/19Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
10/19Chemical Right to Know Act
08/19Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
12/182019 Minimum Wage
08/18Unemployment Notice
10/15Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
04/15Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
03/15Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
11/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Worker's Comp Form AR-P
01/12Chemical Right to Know Act
12/19Transgender Rights 
12/19Family Care and Medical Leave CFRA and Pregnancy Disability Leave
12/19Pregnancy Leave
06/19Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
03/19Family Care and Medical Leave CFRA and Pregnancy Disability Leave *Includes the NEW NPLA
12/18Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
12/182019 Minimum Wage
07/18Unemployment Insurance Notice
07/18Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave
05/182018 San Francisco Poster *New Minimum Wage effective July 1st, 2018 with NEW Salary History Notice
05/18Transgender Rights 
12/17Transgender Rights 
06/17Your Rights and Obligation as a Pregnant Employee (previously Notice A)
06/17Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave
05/17Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
12/162017 Minimum Wage
12/16Unemployment Insurance Notice
09/16No Smoking
07/162016 San Diego Poster *New Minimum Wage effective July 11th, 2016
04/162016 San Francisco Poster *New Minimum Wage effective July 1st, 2016
04/162016 Los Angeles New Minimum Wage
04/16Your Rights and Obligation as a Pregnant Employee (previously Notice A)
01/16Worker's Compensation
12/15Whistleblower Act
11/15Unemployment Insurance Notice
06/15Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave
05/15Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
04/15Notice A Pregnancy Disability Leave
05/15CA Heat Illness Prevention Poster *Separate Poster for Outdoor Employees Effective May 1st, 2015
04/152015 San Francisco Poster *New Minimum Wage effective May 1st, 2015
02/152015 Oakland Minimum Wage
01/14Access to Medical Records
12/142015 San Francisco Poster & 2015 Health Care Ordinance 
12/142015 San Jose Minimum Wage
07/142014 San Francisco Poster with the New Fair Chance Ordinance
06/14Whistleblower Act
06/14Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
12/13Whistleblower Act
12/132014 Minimum Wage
12/132014 San Jose Minimum Wage
12/132014 San Francisco Minimum Wage
12/132014 San Francisco Family Friendly Ordinance
11/13Notice of Withholding
11/13Unemployment Insurance
04/13Human Trafficking (Separate Poster)
12/12Notice A Pregnancy Disability Leave
12/12Notice B Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy Disability Leave
11/122013 San Francisco Minimum Wage
06/12Unemployment (Revised Date 06/12, poster date 05/11)
01/12CA OSHA Dept of Industrial Relations Forklift Poster *Sold Separately
Colorado08/20Employment Discrimination (includes Pregnant Workers' Act)
02/202020 Minimum Wage
02/202020 Minimum Wage
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Employment Discrimination (includes Pregnant Workers' Act)
08/19Public Accommodation (Separated poster - Free Download)
08/19Housing (Separate poster - Free Download)
06/19Workers' Compensation
05/19Unemployment Notice
12/182019 Minimum Wage
12/18Wage Order
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/162017 Minimum Wage
08/16Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act
12/152015 Minimum Wage
12/142016 Minimum Wage
12/132014 Minimum Wage
12/122013 Minimum Wage
Connecticut07/20Minimum Wage
01/20Minimum Wage
10/19Sexual Harassment
06/19Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
05/18Discrimination Notice
10/17Pregnancy Notice
10/17Worker's Comp
10/17Discrimination Notice
08/17Sexual Harassment
08/17Discrimination Notice
10/16Sexual Harassment
10/16Discrimination Notice
06/16Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
12/14Paid Sick Leave
12/142015 Minimum Wage
06/14Minimum Wage Administrative 
01/142014 Minimum Wage
10/12Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
07/12Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
Delaware12/182019 Minimum Wage
11/18Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.) includes 2019 Minimum Wage Rate
10/18Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
02/17Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
10/16Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
11/14Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
10/14Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
10/14Whistleblower's Act
05/14Industrial Affairs (Payment of Wages, Minimum Wage, etc.)
District of Columbia04/20Paid Family Leave
12/19Paid Family Leave
10/19Worker's Compensation
08/19Right to Breastfeed
01/19Protecting Pregnant Workers Act
06/18Unemployment Insurance
08/17Building Service Act
08/17Minimum Wage
06/17Minimum Wage
02/17Minimum Wage
02/17Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008
11/16Minimum Wage
04/16Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008
04/16Minimum Wage
04/16Family Medical Leave Act
06/15Protecting Pregnant Workers Act *NEW
04/15Right to Breastfeed
02/15Family Medical Leave Act
02/15Parental Leave
02/15Equal Employment Opportunity
06/14Minimum Wage
06/14Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008
03/14Worker's Compensation
03/13Minimum Wage
10/12Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008
10/12Unemployment Insurance
06/12Equal Employment Opportunity
Florida12/19Minimum Wage
10/19Unemployment Compensation Law
10/19Workers' Compensation
03/19Workers' Compensation
12/182019 Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
11/162016 Minimum Wage
11/152016 Minimum Wage
05/15Reemployment Assistance Program Law formerly as Unemployment Compensation
11/142015 Minimum Wage
10/132014 Minimum Wage
09/13Family Medical Leave Act
10/122013 Minimum Wage
10/12Unemployment Compensation Law
Georgia07/19Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
06/18Unemployment Insurance for Employees
07/16Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
06/16Child Labor Law
07/15Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
06/14Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
07/13Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
03/13Unemployment Insurance for Employees
11/12Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Right to Know Act of 1988 
Hawaii08/19Wage and Hour Laws
08/19Disability Compensation Law
08/19Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
08/19Discrimination Notice
01/18Wage and Hour Laws
01/18Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 
01/18Disability Compensation Law
01/18Discrimination Notice
01/17Wage and Hour Laws
01/17Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 
01/17Disability Compensation Law
01/17Discrimination Notice
12/15Wage and Hour Laws
12/15Discrimination Notice
12/15Disability Compensation Law
12/15Breastfeeding in the Workplace
12/15Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
12/15Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 
08/15Wage and Hour Laws
06/15Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 
06/15Wage and Hour Laws
06/15Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
06/15Discrimination Notice
06/15Disability Compensation Law
11/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Wage and Hour Laws
08/14Minimum Wage Notice
09/13Breastfeeding in the Workplace
08/13Whistleblowers’ Protection Act 
04/13Disability Compensation Law
04/13Wage and Hour Laws
04/13Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
04/13Discrimination Notice
03/19Minimum Wage
10/17Unemployment Insurance
08/17Unemployment Insurance
06/16Unemployment Insurance
02/13Minimum Wage
02/13Unemployment Insurance
02/13Worker's Compensation
Illinois08/20Day & Temporary Labor Services
08/20Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
08/20Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
07/20Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
02/20Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
12/19Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
12/18Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
10/18Discrimination & Sexual Harassment
04/17Pregnancy Rights 
01/16Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
12/15Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
03/15Your Rights Under IL Law- Minimum Wage
01/15Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
12/14Pregnancy Right
09/13Emergency Care for Choking
10/12Unemployment Insurance
08/12Unemployment Insurance
03/12Employee Classification Act of 2008
01/12Unemployment Insurance
01/12No Smoking
Indiana04/20Teen Work Hours Notice
07/19Indiana OSHA
03/19Teen Work Hours Notice
10/18Unemployment Insurance
12/17Teen Work Hours Notice
08/15Teen Work Hours Notice
04/15Indiana OSHA
10/14Teen Work Hours Notice
10/14Minimum Wage 
10/13Indiana OSHA
06/13Minimum Wage 
01/13Indiana OSHA
10/12Teen Work Hours Notice
Iowa09/18Unemployment Insurance
11/15Fair Housing
05/14Fair Housing
01/13Unemployment Insurance
09/12Unemployment Insurance
Kansas03/19Child Labor
03/18Workers Compensation
10/15Fair Housing
10/15Public Accommodation
05/14Fair Housing
05/14Public Accommodation
04/13Worker's Compensation
02/13Unemployment Insurace
08/12Worker's Compensation
06/12Kansas No Smoking
04/12Worker's Compensation
Kentucky02/20Child Labor
02/20Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
02/20Wage & Hour
03/19Child Labor
03/19Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
03/19Wage & Hour
06/18Child Labor
06/18Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
10/15Workers’ Compensation Updated 2009
06/13Public Accommodation
06/13Fair Housing
12/12Unemployment Insurance
Louisiana01/20Earned Income Credit 2019
07/18Earned Income Credit 2018
08/17Equal Employment Opportunity
03/17Earned Income Credit 2017
02/16Timely Payment of Wages
02/16Earned Income Credit 2016
04/15Earned Income Credit 2015
02/14Earned Income Credit 2014
01/13Earned Income Credit 2013
09/12Independent Contractor
08/12Independent Contractor
02/12Earned Income Credit 2012
Maine09/20Regulation of Employment
03/20Nursing Mothers
03/20Regulation of Employment
03/20Workers’ Compensation
12/192020 Minimum Wage
12/19Nursing Mothers
12/19Regulation of Employment
12/19Employment Security Act
12/19Child Labor
12/19Public OSHA
12/19Video Display Terminal Law
12/19Whistle Blowers' Act
08/19Whistleblower's Act
03/19Employment Security Act
03/19Regulation of Employment
03/19Workers’ Compensation
12/182019 Minimum Wage
07/18Human Trafficking
07/18Unemployment Compensation
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/17Unemployment Compensation
10/17Video Display Terminal Law
10/17Video Display Terminal Law
10/17Minimum Wage
07/17Child Labor
02/17Unemployment Compensation
12/16Public OSHA
11/162017 Minimum Wage
09/16Regulation of Employment
02/16Equal Pay Act
02/16Workplace Support Nursing Moms
12/15Public OSHA
11/15Minimum Wage
11/15Whistle Blowers' Act
11/15Video Display Terminal Law
10/15Domestic Violence
10/14Workplace Support Nursing Moms
04/14Child Labor
10/13Workplace Support Nursing Moms (Downloadable)
12/12Workers’ Compensation
11/12Minimum Wage
11/12Human Rights EEO
11/12Whistle Blower's Act
11/12Video Display Terminal Law
11/12Public OSHA
11/12Regulation of Employment
11/12Child Labor
11/12Sexual Harassment
11/12Workplace Support Nursing Moms (optional)
09/12Unemployment Compensation
09/12Sexual Harassment
02/12Domestic Violence
01/12Child Labor
Maryland01/20Minimum Wage
10/19Equal Pay Act
10/19Equal Pay Act
10/19Child Labor
10/19Minimum Wage
08/19Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Employee Notice
06/19Minimum Wage
05/19Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
05/19Minimum Wage
07/18Minimum Wage
03/18Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Employee Notice
12/17Worker's Compensation
12/17Unemployment Insurance
07/17Minimum Wage
11/16Equal Pay Act
11/16Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
10/16Equal Pay Act
08/16Minimum Wage
12/15Equal Pay Act
12/15Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
12/15Minimum Wage
10/15Equal Pay Act
10/15Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
04/15Equal Pay Act
04/15Pregnancy Disability
04/15MD OSHA (Private/Public)
02/15Equal Pay Act
12/14Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
11/142015 Minimum Wage
10/14Prince George County Minimum Wage *Separate Poster
10/14Maryland Montgomery County Minimum Wage *Separate Poster
10/14Minimum Wage
10/14Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
12/13Pregnancy Disability
10/13MD Notice to Tipped Employees
11/12MD OSHA (Private/Public)
Massachusetts10/19Workers' Compensation
08/19No Smoking
06/19Paid Family and Medical Leave Ct * NEW Effective October 1st, 2019
04/19Paid Family and Medical Leave Ct * NEW Effective July 1st, 2019
01/19Sexual Harassment
11/182019 Minimum Wage
07/18Minimum Wage
01/172017 Minimum Wage
07/16Earned Sick Time
07/16Earned Sick Time
12/152016 Minimum Wage
10/15Unemployment Insurance Coverage 
10/15OSHA Public
06/15Earned Sick Time *New Poster added June 2015
05/15Fair Employment
03/15Parental Leave
02/15Minimum Wage
12/142015 Minimum Wage
09/13Fair Employment
07/13Unemployment Insurance Coverage 
04/13Unemployment Insurance Coverage 
05/12Unemployment Insurance Coverage 
03/12Right to Know
Michigan03/20Worker's Compensation Your Rights and Responsibilities
03/20Worker's Compensation Know Your Rights
01/20Right to Know SDS Location 
01/20Right to Know SDS (Hazardous Materials) 
12/19Minimum Wage
12/19Paid Sick
04/19Worker's Compensation Your Rights and Responsibilities
03/19Minimum Wage effective March 29, 2019
03/19Paid Sick Leave *New Poster effective March 29, 2019
07/18Right to Know SDS Location 
07/18Right to Know SDS (Hazardous Materials) 
11/17Unemployment Insurance
11/162017 Minimum Wage
10/16Worker's Compensation Your Rights and Responsibilities (Added to the 2017 poster)
10/16Worker's Compensation Know Your Rights (Added to the 2017 poster)
10/16Right to Know MSDS Location 
05/16Minimum Wage Act
03/16Unemployment Insurance
12/15Unemployment Insurance
11/15Minimum Wage Act
08/15Right to Know MSDS Location 
08/15Right to Know MSDS (Hazardous Materials) 
04/15Minimum Wage Act
12/14Youth Employment Standard
07/14Minimum Wage Act
07/14Youth Employment Standard
12/13Whistleblowers’ Act
10/13Worker's Compensation (Optional notice to post, can be purchased separately)
03/13Freedom to Work (Optional notice to post)
03/13Right to Know MSDS Location 
03/13Right to Know MSDS (Hazardous Materials) 
11/12MSDS Poster
Minnesota12/192020 Minimum Wage
11/19Smoke Free
11/182019 Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
10/17Worker's Compensation
07/162017 Minimum Wage
06/16Family Leave Act
12/15Worker's Compensation
12/15Minimum Wage
11/15Unemployment Insurance Benefits
07/15Minimum Wage Effective August 1st, 2015
08/14Family Leave Act
08/14Child Labor Law (Downloadable)
07/14Minimum Wage Effective August 1st, 2014
08/13Family Leave Act
08/13Child Labor Law
08/13Minimum Wage
04/13Minimum Wage
04/13Worker's Compensation
02/13Family Leave Act
11/12Minimum Wage
11/12Worker's Compensation
Mississippi06/19Worker's Compensation
10/13Unemployment Insurance
08/12Worker's Compensation
Missouri12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Worker's Compensation
12/182019 Minimum Wage
03/18Unemployment Insurance
12/172018 Minimum Wage
05/17Worker's Compensation
11/162017 Minimum Wage
09/16Discrimination in Employment 
11/152016 Minimum Wage
02/15Unemployment Insurance
11/142015 Minimum Wage
07/14Unemployment Insurance
07/14Discrimination in Employment 
07/14Discrimination in Housing
07/14Unemployment Insurance
03/14Worker's Compensation
11/132014 Minimum Wage
03/13Discrimination in Employment 
03/13Discrimination in Housing
01/13Unemployment Insurance
01/132013 Minimum Wage
12/12Discrimination in Housing
12/12Discrimination in Public Accommodation 
12/12Discrimination in Employment 
11/122013 Minimum Wage
07/12Workers' Compensation
03/12Unemployment Insurance
02/12Minimum Wage
Montana12/182019 Minimum Wage
10/18Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
11/162017 Minimum Wage
07/15Child Labor Law
02/15Minimum Wage
11/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Minimum Wage
02/142014 Minimum Wage
11/132013 Minimum Wage
01/122012 Minimum Wage
Nebraska12/16Pregnancy Discrimination Notice
12/16Unemployment Insurance
12/16Minimum Wage 
12/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Unemployment Insurance
03/13Unemployment Insurance
02/13Minimum Wage 
02/13Unemployment Insurance
Nevada05/20Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
05/20Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
11/19Worker's Compensation
08/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Notice to Employer of Employee’s Sick or Injury *NEW
07/19Paid Leave *NEW
07/19Minimum Wage Bulletin *NEW
07/19Rules To Be Observed
07/19Lie Detector Test
07/19Domestic Violence 
07/19Nursing Mother's Accommodation 
07/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
06/19Worker's Compensation
04/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
03/19Domestic Violence 
08/18Rules to be Observed by Employers
04/18Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/18Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
07/17Pregnancy Fairness Act 
07/17Domestic Violence 
07/17Nursing Mother's Accommodation 
04/17Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/17Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
07/16Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
05/16Rules to be Observed by Employers
04/16Lie Detector Test
04/16Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/16Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
11/15Unemployment Insurance
10/15Unemployment Insurance
04/15Rules to be Observed by Employers
04/15Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/15Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
05/14Unemployment Insurance
04/14Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/14Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
07/13Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/13Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
11/12Rules to be Observed by Employers
New Hampshire09/19Employment Discrimination
11/18Equal Pay
02/18Protective Legislation Law
02/18Independent Contractor
02/18Minimum Wage
02/18Whistleblower Act
02/18Equal Pay Act
02/18Right to Know
07/17Equal Pay Act
07/17Protective Legislation Law
07/17Minimum Wage
07/17Whistleblower Act
07/17Right to Know
07/17Independent Contractor
12/14Equal Pay Act *NEW
08/14Protective Legislation Law
08/14Independent Contractor
08/14Minimum Wage
08/14Whistleblower Act
08/14Right to Know
02/14Whistleblower Act
09/13Protective Legislation Law
09/13Independent Contractor
09/13Minimum Wage
09/13Protective Legislation Law
09/13Right to Know
08/13Minimum Wage
08/13Protective Legislation Law
08/13Right to Know
08/13Whistleblower Act
08/13Independent Contractor
10/12Protective Legislation Law
10/12Minimum Wage
10/12Right to Know
08/12Whistleblower Act
08/12Independent Contractor
02/12Unemployment Insurance 
02/12Vacation Shutdown
New Jersey06/20Law Prohibits Misclassification
12/19Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
09/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Unemployment Insurance 
06/192019 Minimum Wage *July
04/19Family Leave Insurance 
04/19Family Leave Act
01/19Earned Sick Time
11/182019 Minimum Wage
10/18Earned Sick Time
04/18Discrimination in Employment
04/18New Jersey Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records * Separate Poster
12/172018 Minimum Wage
11/162017 Minimum Wage
11/16Family Leave Insurance 
06/15Discrimination in Public Accommodation
06/15Discrimination in Employment
06/15Family Leave Insurance 
06/15Discrimination in Housing
12/14New Jersey Employer Obligation to Maintain and Report Records * Separate Poster
11/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Family Leave Insurance 
06/14Discrimination in Employment
06/14Discrimination in Public Accommodation
06/14Child Labor Law Abstract
02/14Unemployment Compensation
01/14 Jersey City Earned Sick Leave *Separate Poster
12/13Gender Equity
12/13Wage and Hour Law Abstract
11/13Payment of Wages
09/13SAFE Act
10/12Whistleblowers’ Protection Act
09/12Discrimination in Housing, Public Accommodation, Employment and FLA
New Mexico07/20Discrimination
12/192020 Minimum Wage
03/19Workers' Compensation Act
09/18Minimum Wage Act
08/18Workers' Compensation Act
10/17Workers' Compensation Act
11/14Minimum Wage Act
08/14Minimum Wage Act
07/14Minimum Wage Act
07/14Human Trafficking *NEW POSTER
03/14Minimum Wage Act
03/14New Mexico OSHA 
02/14Santa Fe, NM Living Wage Notice Sold Separately (New Rate Effective March 1, 2014)
12/13Albuquerque, NM Living Wage Notice Sold Separately (New Rate Effective January 1, 2014)
12/13Workers' Compensation Act
01/13Santa Fe, NM Living Wage Notice Sold Separately (New Rate Effective March 1, 2013)
12/12Albuquerque, NM Living Wage Notice Sold Separately (New Rate Effective January 1, 2013)
01/12Santa Fe, NM Living Wage Notice Sold Separately (New Rate Effective March 1, 2012) 
New York07/202020 Minimum Wage
04/20Time to Vote
12/192020 Minimum Wage
10/19Minimum Wage
10/19Fringe Benefits and Hours 
07/19Fringe Benefits and Hours 
04/19Time to Vote
12/182019 Minimum Wage
05/18Clean Indoor Act
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/162017 Minimum Wage
12/16Child Labor
05/16Child Labor
12/152016 Minimum Wage
03/15Minimum Wage
12/142015 Minimum Wage
04/14NYC Earned Sick Time Act (Separate Poster)
01/14NYC Pregnancy Leave *Downloadable
11/132014 Minimum Wage
01/13Time to Vote
North Carolina06/20Wage and Hour Act
04/20Wage and Hour Act
02/20Unemployment Insurance Poster
12/17Wage and Hour Act
12/17Unemployment Insurance Poster
12/17Workers' Compensation
03/17Wage and Hour Act
08/16Wage and Hour Act
10/15Wage and Hour Act
11/14Wage and Hour Act
11/14Workers' Compensation
02/14Unemployment Insurance Poster
07/13Unemployment Insurance Poster
07/13Wage and Hour Act
North Dakota12/19Unemployment Notice
08/19Worker Safety & Insurance
08/15Minimum Wage
08/15Worker Safety & Insurance
04/15Human Rights
04/15Child Labor
01/14Child Labor
01/14Worker Safety & Insurance
09/13Minimum Wage
11/12NO SMOKING Law (separate poster)
03/12Worker Safety & Insurance
Ohio02/20Fair Employment Law
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Child Labor
04/19Unemployment Insurance
03/19Minimum Wage
01/19Fair Employment Law
12/182019 Minimum Wage
12/18Ohio OSHA - PERRP
12/172018 Minimum Wage
08/17Unemployment Insurance
08/17Fair Employment Law
08/17Minimum Wage
11/162017 Minimum Wage
11/16Minor Labor Law
08/16Unemployment Insurance
02/16Domestic Violence
11/152016 Minimum Wage
04/15Unemployment Insurance
11/142015 Minimum Wage
11/14Ohio OSHA - PERRP
01/14Unemployment Insurance
10/132014 Minimum Wage
09/122013 Minimum Wage
Oklahoma12/19Workers Compensation
04/19Oklahoma OSHA (public)
02/19Minimum Wage
03/16Minimum Wage
12/15Workers Compensation
12/15Oklahoma OSHA (public)
11/15Child Labor
12/14Oklahoma OSHA
08/14Workers Compensation
02/14Workers Compensation
Oregon06/20Breaks and Overtime
06/20Minimum Wage
06/20Family Leave Act
06/20Domestic Violence
06/20Equal Pay Act
06/20Sick Time
03/20Oregon OSHA
01/20Pregnancy / Workplace Accommodation
06/192019 Agricultural Minimum Wage
06/192019 Minimum Wage
02/19Agricultural Minimum Wage
02/19Minimum Wage
02/19Oregon Family Medical Leave
02/19Paid Sick Time
02/19Domestic Violence
04/182019 Agricultural Minimum Wage
04/182019 Minimum Wage
04/18Equal Pay Act *Effective January 2019
06/172017 Agricultural Minimum Wage
06/172017 Minimum Wage
01/17Oregon OSHA
11/16Domestic Violence
07/16Agricultural Minimum Wage
06/162016 Minimum Wage
12/15Paid Sick Time
12/15Oregon Family Medical Leave
11/152016 Minimum Wage
11/152016 Agricultural Minimum Wage
11/15Smoke Free Decal including No Vaping
11/15Smoke Free Notice
09/15Oregon OSHA
06/15Agricultural Minimum Wage
01/15Oregon Family Medical Leave
12/142015 Agricultural Minimum Wage
12/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Agricultural Minimum Wage
07/14Smoke Free
12/13Portland Paid Sick Leave *Separate Poster
12/132014 Agricultural Minimum Wage
12/13Domestic Violence
12/13Oregon Family Medical Leave
09/132014 Minimum Wage
03/13Oregon OSHA
12/122013 Agricultural Minimum Wage 
09/122013 Minimum Wage
01/122012 Minimum Wage
11/11Oregon Family Medical Leave
11/112012 Minimum Wage
11/102011 Minimum Wage
Pennsylvania03/20Right to Know Act (Public Employees OSHA)
05/18Workers' Compensation Insurance
10/16Unemployment Insurance
05/15Philadelphia Paid Sick & Pregnancy Notice * Separate Poster
02/15Workers' Compensation Insurance
11/14Unemployment for State Employees
11/14Right to Know Act (Public Employees OSHA)
08/14Unemployment for State Employees
10/13Public Accommodations
10/13Fair Employment
10/13Fair Education  * Separate Poster
10/13Fair Lending  * Separate Poster
10/13Fair Housing  * Separate Poster
05/13Unemployment Insurance
01/13Child Labor Law Abstract
03/12Minimum Wage Summary 
02/11Right to Know Act (Public Employees OSHA)
02/11Minimum Wage Summary 
06/10Unemployment Compensation Non-State
Puerto Rico01/20OSHA
01/20Labor Standards
01/20Discrimination is Illegal
01/20Social Security
06/18Labor Standards
06/18Discrimination is Illegal
06/18Social Security
06/07Minimum Wage Summary 
Rhode Island03/19Smoke Free
03/19Prevailing Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
12/182019 Minimum Wage
03/18Ban the Box
03/18Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces Act
03/18Right to Know Law for Toxic Substances
03/18Unemployment Insurance
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
08/17Unemployment Insurance
01/172017 Minimum Wage
12/152016 Minimum Wage
08/15NEW* Pregnancy Notice
12/142015 Minimum Wage
08/14Smoke Free
06/14Discrimination Notice
02/14Workers’ Compensation
01/14Unemployment Insurance
12/132014 Minimum Wage
12/12Whistleblower's Act
12/122013 Minimum Wage
06/12Prevailing Wage
06/11Unemployment Insurance
11/09Unemployment Insurance
09/08Minimum Wage 
South Carolina07/20Discrimination
04/19Equal Opportunity is the Law
09/18Unemployment Insurance
07/18Labor Law Abstract
06/16Labor Law Abstract
09/14Equal Opportunity is the Law
09/14Labor Law Abstract
06/14Workers' Compensation Act
09/12Labor Law Abstract
07/12Labor Law Abstract
07/12Right to Work
08/11Labor Law Abstract
07/11SC OSHA
10/10Labor Law Abstract
South Dakota05/20Reemployment Assistance Benefits (formerly Unemployment)
12/192020 Minimum Wage
08/19Reemployment Assistance Benefits (formerly Unemployment)
11/182019 Minimum Wage
12/172018 Minimum Wage
11/162017 Minimum Wage
11/16Unemployment Insurance
11/16Safety on The Job
12/152016 Minimum Wage
03/15Sexual Harassment
03/15Safety on The Job
12/142015 Minimum Wage
02/14Unemployment Insurance
06/11Sexual Harassment
05/11Notice to Employees Workers' Compensation
01/10Unemployment Insurance 2010
Tennessee06/18Workers’ Compensation
08/17Wage Regulations / Child Labor
04/17Unemployment Insurance Benefits
05/16Discrimination in Employment
05/16Discrimination in Housing
05/16Child Labor Law 
05/16Unemployment Insurance Benefits
10/15Discrimination in Housing
10/15Unemployment Insurance Benefits
09/15Workers’ Compensation
09/15Child Labor Law 
09/15Discrimination in Employment
02/15Workers’ Compensation
09/14Discrimination in Employment
07/13Unemployment Insurance Benefits
06/13Unemployment Insurance Benefits
02/13Unemployment Insurance Benefits
02/13Child Labor Law 
04/12Workers’ Compensation
03/12Workers’ Compensation
03/09Discrimination in Employment (10/08)
03/09Discrimination in Housing (01/09)
02/09Discrimination in Employment (10/08)
Texas06/20Pay Day & Unemployment Notice
10/18Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
05/18Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
11/16Pay Day & Unemployment Notice
04/16Equal Employment Opportunity 
11/15Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
04/15Pay Day & Unemployment Notice
04/15Equal Employment Opportunity 
04/15Child Labor
09/14Whistleblower Act (PUBLIC)
08/14Worker's Compensation Notice 5
05/14Hazard Communication (PUBLIC)
01/14Child Labor
08/13Ombudsman Notice
06/13Hazard Communication
11/12Worker's Compensation Notice 5, 6, 7 and 10 (Will be included in the 2013 posters)
07/12Whistleblower Act (PUBLIC)
03/12Child Labor
09/09Equal Employment Opportunity 
07/09Pay Day Notice
Utah03/20Utah OSHA 
12/19Workers’ Compensation
07/17Workers’ Compensation
11/16Pregnancy & Related Conditions
09/16Workers’ Compensation
04/15Utah OSHA 
02/14Unemployment Insurance
08/12Utah OSHA 
07/12Workers’ Compensation
04/12Unemployment Insurance
01/12Utah OSHA 
07/11Unemployment Insurance
02/09Workers’ Compensation
02/08Unemployment Insurance
Vermont02/202020 Minimum Wage
02/20Healthcare Whistleblower's Protection Act
01/20Unemployment Insurance
12/192020 Minimum Wage
11/19Earned Sick Time
08/19Earned Sick Time
08/19Parental Family Leave
03/19Minimum Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
11/182019 Minimum Wage
11/18Sexual Harassment 
07/18Protections for Victims of Crime
12/16Earned Sick Time
11/16Unemployment Insurance
05/16Minimum Wage
02/16Reinstatement and Liability
12/15Unemployment Insurance
10/15Unemployment Insurance
05/15Reinstatement and Liability
04/15Posting of Safety Records
12/142015 Minimum Wage
09/14Posting of Safety Records
04/14Parental Family Leave
03/14Minimum Wage
11/132014 Minimum Wage
07/13Unemployment Insurance
11/122013 Minimum Wage
11/112012 Minimum Wage
10/102011 Minimum Wage
12/09Job Safety and Health - VT OSHA
Virginia08/20Virginia OSHA
08/20Worker's Comp
07/20Human Rights Act Poster *NEW 07/20
07/20Pregnancy Accommodation *NEW 07/20
07/20Noncompete Coventant *NEW 07/20
02/20Earned Income Credit
08/19Virginia OSHA
02/19Earned Income Credit
01/19Virginia OSHA
08/18Virginia OSHA
05/18Virginia OSHA
01/18Credit for Low Income Individuals
03/17Earned Income Credit
12/17Worker's Comp
07/17Virginia OSHA
04/17Virginia OSHA
02/17Earned Income Credit
11/16Virginia OSHA
07/16Virginia OSHA
02/16Virginia OSHA
01/16Virginia OSHA
05/15Unemployment Insurance
05/14Earned Income Credit
02/14Credit for Low Income Individuals
07/12Human Trafficking (specific Industry FREE DOWNLOAD)
04/12Virginia OSHA
06/11Earned Income Credit
04/11Virginia OSHA
02/11Virginia OSHA 
Washington03/20Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
12/192020 Minimum Wage
12/19Paid Leave
10/19WISHA Job Safety and Health
08/19Domestic Violence Resource Poster
08/19Unemployment Insurance Benefits
05/19Your Rights as a Worker
04/19Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
04/19Notice to Employees for Self-Insured Employers 
12/182019 Minimum Wage
12/18Your Rights as a Worker
12/18Paid Family Leave
12/172018 Minimum Wage
12/17Your Rights as a Worker
10/17Unemployment Insurance Benefits
11/162017 Minimum Wage
02/16Unemployment Insurance Benefits
12/15WISHA Job Safety and Health
12/15Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
12/15Your Rights as a Worker
11/152016 Minimum Wage
09/15WISHA Job Safety and Health
04/15Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
04/15Your Rights as a Worker
03/15Seattle Minimum Wage *Separate Poster
12/142015 Minimum Wage
11/132014 Minimum Wage
08/13Your Rights as a Worker
12/12Your Rights as a Worker
12/12WISHA Job Safety and Health 
12/12Notice to Employees for Self-Insured Employers 
12/12Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
09/122013 Minimum Wage
07/12Paid Sick Leave City of Seattle *Separate Poster
05/12Unemployment Insurance Benefits
09/112012 Minimum Wage
04/11Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
02/11Unemployment Insurance Benefits
West Virginia05/16Human Rights Act
11/15Parental Leave
11/15Human Rights Act
06/15Wage and Payment Collection Act
12/142015 Minimum Wage
03/14Unemployment Benefits 
07/13Wage and Payment Collection
11/12Child Labor
07/12Unemployment Benefits 
08/11Child Labor
08/10Wage and Payment Collection 
08/10Minimum Wage
Wisconsin07/20Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing Devices
07/20Minimum Wage Disabilities
07/20Minimum Wage
07/20Retaliation of Health Care 
07/20Minimum Wage Disabilities
07/20Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Leave
07/20Minor Working Hours
07/20Family Medical Leave Act
07/20Mass Layoff Notification
06/20Notice of Cessation
09/19Unemployment Insurance
04/19Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing Devices
04/19Minimum Wage Disabilities
04/19Minimum Wage
10/17Unemployment Insurance
05/17Unemployment Insurance
10/16Retaliation of Health Care 
08/16Minimum Wage Disabilities
06/16Bone Marrow and Organ Donation Leave
03/16Unemployment Insurance
11/15Notice of Cessation
11/15Retaliation of Health Care 
11/15Minimum Wage Disabilities
11/15Family Medical Leave Act
11/15Mass Layoff Notification
11/15Honest Testing Device
11/15Fair Employment Law
11/15Minimum Wage
10/15Notice of Cessation
10/15Minimum Wage Disabilities
10/15Minimum Wage
10/15Family Medical Leave Act
10/15Fair Employment Law
10/15Honest Testing Device
10/15Minor Working Hours
10/15Mass Layoff Notification
09/15Unemployment Insurance
04/15Mass Layoff Notification
04/15Minor Working Hours
04/15Fair Employment Law
04/15Family Medical Leave Act
04/15Minimum Wage
04/15Minimum Wage Disabilities
04/15Notice of Cessation
04/15 Retaliation of Health Care 
04/15Unemployment Insurance
10/14Honest Testing Device
08/14Minimum Wage
08/14Fair Employment Law
08/14Family Medical Leave Act
10/13Unemployment Insurance
04/13Fair Employment Law
10/12Unemployment Insurance
12/11Minor Working Hours
12/11Right to Know - Hazardous Chemicals
11/16Workers' Compensation
Wyoming10/18Workers' Compensation
11/16Unemployment Insurance
11/16Worker's Rights
08/11Workers' Compensation
08/11Unemployment Insurance
02/11Workers' Compensation
01/11Unemployment Insurance
11/09WY OSHA