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2019 Louisiana & Federal Combination Poster

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The size of this poster is 27" x 39".

Posters printed in high-quality full color and guaranteed to be the most up to date versions available. 


Stand Alone poster provides you the most updated labor law poster but does not include any replacement posters for future updates.

Subscription plans includes the initial poster now and a free replacement poster will be sent every time there is a mandatory change for either the state or federal at no cost to you for the duration of the plan. CLICK HERE to purchase a plan instead.

*Laminated on both sides.
*Made with recycled bond paper, non-laminated. 

LA Earned Income Credit for 2018 (07/18)
LA Timely Payment of Wages (02/16)
LA Worker Classification Independent Contractor (Released 08/12)
LA Minor Labor Law (09/11)
LA National Guard (Revised 01/11)
LA Genetic Discrimination (Revised 07/10)
LA Sickle Cell Trait Discrimination (Revised 07/10)
LA Whistleblower Protection for Public Employees (Added 02/10)
LA Equal Opportunity (Revised 08/17)
LA Age Discrimination
LA Out of State Motor Vehicles (Revised 01/09)
LA Unemployment Insurance (Revised 12/08 - Released 01/09)
LA Workers’ Compensation (Revised 07/08 - Released 09/08)
LA Smoking Policy (Revised 07/04 - Revised 12/07)
Emergency Phone Number
Pay Day Notice
(08/16) Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
(08/16) Federal Fair Labor Standards Act
(04/16) Federal Family Medical Leave Act
(04/15) Federal OSHA Job Safety and Health
(11/09) Federal Equal Employment Opportunity - Includes GINA
(07/17) USERRA

 Human Trafficking
-Each hotel must post the information in the same location where other employee notices required by state or federal law are posted. "Hotel" means and includes any establishment (both public and private) engaged in the business of furnishing or providing rooms and overnight camping facilities intended or designed for dwelling, lodging, or sleeping purposes to transient guests. This posting must be printed no smaller than 8 and 1/2 inches X 11 inches.

-All state and local contractors Private employers requires to either use E-verify or check multiple forms of identification from the new hire.

CLICK HERE to see the complete list of all the additional requirement based on your city, county or industry.

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