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All In One Poster Company, Inc. is a leading provider of labor law posters in the country today. The company prides itself in creating exceptional quality labor law and specialty posters available at inexpensive prices.

Since the Company’s inception in 2002, customer satisfaction has been and continues to be our number one priority. We derive immense pleasure in providing superior products and excellent customer service.

The combination poster was created to simplify poster compliance. Merging the State requirements in addition to the Federal requirements into one comprehensive poster eliminates the need to acquire the many individual notices. The poster measures 27” x 39” and is fully laminated to ensure durability and protection.

The demand for separate State and Federal posters rose in mid-2008 and it prompted our company to produce comprehensive State Only Posters as well as Federal Only Posters that can be used in lieu of the All In One Combination Poster. These posters are printed in high quality, full colored ink, laminated and measures 24” x 30” and 24” x 24” respectively.

In mid-2010, the release of the National Labor Relations Act or NLRA prompted us to create the Federal Contractor poster which contains additional federal required notices for businesses that hold government contracts. We currently offer a Federal Contractor Package that includes a separate state poster to accommodate size requirements.

To accommodate our customers with Spanish-speaking workforce, most of our products are available in Spanish to satisfy the legal posting requirement.

The lack of wall space in some business facilities, as well as having remote employees, compelled our company to offer Electronic Posters. These are individual representations of the various State and Federal notices in Adobe PDF format. These files are available for purchase and can be downloaded once the transaction is complete. Otherwise, customers who are always “on the go” can also take advantage of our Mobile Poster Packs. These are formatted similar to a notebook, printed on glossy sheets, and bounded by a spiral coil. This allows for portability of the required notices.

AIO also offers the Compliance Poster Program made to simplify the posting responsibilities of businesses across the nation. This program involves a tracking system that is activated upon enrollment. Throughout the entirety of a company's compliance plan period, Combination posters or State posters will automatically be sent each and every time a change occurs in either the State or Federal laws.

Our Corporate Management Program is particularly geared towards our larger accounts. This program was designed to alleviate the burden of compliance through the assistance of an Account Executive, in charge with handling and overseeing all the minute details of the order from multiple shipping locations to billing issues.

All In One Poster Company always promotes environmental awareness in the workplace and creates “green” products to reduce environmental impact. AIO Paper Posters, made with 100% recycled bond paper and packaged in 100% recycled containers, were created as an environmental friendly option for our customers.

Please feel free to explore our website to view a complete list of our products that include Custom Posters, Industry Specific Posters, and Specialty Posters. These are all designed to cater to the different business sectors across the nation – e.g. Federal Forklift poster, Bloodborne Pathogens poster, First Aid poster, HIPAA poster.

 When OSHA Inspects, Safety posters DO make a difference!


All In One Poster Company, Inc. places revision dates on every notice contained on our posters to insure accuracy and compliance. We also provide a $1,000,000 indemnification guarantee and a 30-day return policy.

All In One Poster Company, Inc. is incorporated in, and operates under the laws of the State of California, USA. Our manufacturing and fulfillment operations are housed in our facility in Fullerton, California.