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2022 California with IWC Mobile Poster Pack

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$38.50 to $50.95
SKU: California with IWC Mobile Poster Pack
POSTER SIZE: 8.5" x 11"
$38.50 to $50.95

Our Mobile Poster Pack was especially designed to cater to business units with LIMITED to NO WALL SPACE such as mall kiosks, or as a reference for mobile business units, such as a contractor who works out of his truck who has no regular access to the workplace posters at the office. It was intended to be a portable version of our labor law posters, which is ideal for remote employees and mobile units. Because of regulations stating that some federal notices cannot be covered and altered, our mobile poster packs DO NOT take the place of physical labor law posters that have to be posted on the wall at your place of business, in plain sight, accessible to ALL employees at any time. 

Our mobile poster packs are made-to-order, so please allow a slightly longer processing time in comparison to regular poster orders. These are printed in high-quality 8.5 x 11 format, on glossy lightweight paper, bound and coiled for durability.

This includes the California and Federal notices along with the newly updated IWC poster for 2021, which contains updates for January 2019 until January 2020, the Industrial Welfare Commission Order or IWC Wage and Occupation Order regulates the working conditions as well the hours and wages of a particular industry or occupation group. Below are the different industries or occupations broken down by specific orders. You may click on each of the 16 categories below for more information. Each employer in California is required to post the IWC Wage Order Poster.

Please note that pursuant to the California Labor Code Section 1183 (d), the IWC is required to be posted in all places of business within the State of California.

(1) Manufacturing Industry(9) Transportation Industry
(2) Personal Services(10) Amusement & Recreation Industry
(3) Canning, Freezing & Preserving(11) Broadcast Industry
(4) Professional, Technical & Clerical Occupations(12) Motion Picture Industry
(5) Public Housekeeping Industry(13) Agriculture Products from Market, on Farm
(6) Laundry, Linen Supply(14) Agriculture Occupations (Field Workers)
(7) Mercantile Industry (Retail & Wholesale)(15) Household Occupations (Day Workers)
(8) Industries handling products after harvest(16) On-Site Construction, Mining, Drilling, Landscaping Industry
CLICK HERE to see the complete list of all the additional requirement based on your city, county or industry.

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