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Below are the list of labor law updates throughout 2019 for 40 states as of October 9th, 2019.
For changes made after October for the upcoming 2020 posters, please refer to the 2020 Anticipated Notice Update page.

FEDERAL10/19DOD Hotline
05/19 NLRA
04/19 E-verify Right to Work *Sold Separately
Alaska09/19Sexual Harassment
01/19Minimum Wage
Arizona09/19Unemployment Insurance
01/19Minimum Wage
Arkansas08/19Notice to Employees (Minimum Wage)
01/19Minimum Wage
06/19 Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
03/19Family Care and Medical Leave CFRA and Pregnancy Disability Leave *Includes the NEW NPLA
01/19 Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order *Separate poster
01/19Minimum Wage
Colorado08/19Employment Discrimination (includes Pregnant Workers' Act)
08/19Public Accommodation (Separated poster - Free Download)
08/19Housing (Separated poster - Free Download)
06/19Workers' Compensation
05/19Unemployment Notice
01/19Minimum Wage
Connecticut10/19Sexual Harassment
06/19Job Safety & Health (Public OSHA)
Delaware01/19Minimum Wage
District of Columbia08/19Right to Breastfeed
01/19Protecting Pregnant Workers Act
Florida10/19Workers' Compensation
10/19Reemployment Insurance
03/19Workers' Compensation
01/19Minimum Wage
Georgia07/19Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker
Hawaii08/19Wage and Hour Laws
08/19Disability Compensation Law
08/19Dislocated Workers/Plant Closing 
08/19Discrimination Notice
03/19Minimum Wage
01/19Illinois OSHA *PUBLIC
Indiana07/19Indiana OSHA
03/19Teen Work Hours Notice
Kansas03/19Child Labor
03/19Child Labor
03/19Wage Discrimination Because of Sex 
03/19Wage & Hour
Maine08/19Whistleblower's Act
03/19Employment Security Act
03/19Regulation of Employment
03/19Workers’ Compensation
01/19Minimum Wage
Maryland10/19Equal Pay Act
10/19Child Labor
10/19Minimum Wage
08/19Maryland Earned Sick and Safe Leave Employee Notice
06/19Minimum Wage
05/19Employment of Minors/Child Labor Law
05/19Minimum Wage
Massachusetts08/19No Smoking
06/19Paid Family and Medical Leave Ct * NEW Effective October 1st, 2019
04/19Paid Family and Medical Leave Ct * NEW Effective July 1st, 2019
01/19Sexual Harassment
01/19Minimum Wage
Michigan04/19Worker's Compensation Your Rights and Responsibilities
03/19Minimum Wage effective March 29, 2019
03/19Paid Sick Leave *New Poster effective March 29, 2019
01/19Minimum Wage
Mississippi06/19Worker's Compensation
Missouri08/19Worker's Compensation
01/19Minimum Wage
Montana01/19Minimum Wage
Nevada11/19Workers' Compensation
08/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Notice to Employer of Employee’s Sick or Injury *NEW
07/19Paid Leave *NEW
07/19Minimum Wage Bulletin *NEW
07/19Rules To Be Observed
07/19Lie Detector Test
07/19Domestic Violence 
07/19Nursing Mother's Accommodation 
07/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
07/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
06/19Worker's Compensation
04/19Annual Bulletin - Daily Overtime
04/19Annual Bulletin - Minimum Wage
03/19Domestic Violence 
New Hampshire09/19Employment Discrimination
New Jersey09/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Child Labor Law Abstract
07/19Unemployment Insurance 
06/19Minimum Wage
04/19Family Leave Insurance 
04/19Family Leave Act
01/19Earned Sick Time
01/19Minimum Wage
New Mexico03/19Workers' Compensation Act
New York07/19Fringe Benefits and Hours 
04/19Time to Vote
01/19Minimum Wage
North Dakota08/19Worker Safety & Insurance
Ohio08/19Child Labor
04/19Unemployment Insurance
03/19Minimum Wage
01/19Fair Employment Law
01/19Minimum Wage
Oklahoma04/19Oklahoma OSHA (public)
02/19Minimum Wage
Oregon06/192019 Agricultural Minimum Wage
06/192019 Minimum Wage
02/19Agricultural Minimum Wage
02/19Minimum Wage
02/19Oregon Family Medical Leave
02/19Paid Sick Time
02/19Domestic Violence
Rhode Island03/19Smoke Free
03/19Prevailing Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
01/19Minimum Wage
South Carolina04/19Equal Opportunity is the Law
South Dakota08/19Reemployment Assistance Benefits (formerly Unemployment)
01/19Minimum Wage
Vermont08/19Earned Sick Time
08/19Parental Family Leave
03/19Minimum Wage
03/19Unemployment Insurance
01/19Minimum Wage
01/19Sexual Harassment 
Virginia08/19Virginia OSHA
02/19Earned Income Credit
01/19Virginia OSHA
Washington08/19Domestic Violence Resource Poster
08/19Unemployment Insurance Benefits
05/19Your Rights as a Worker
04/19Notice to Employees for State-Insured Employers
04/19Notice to Employees for Self-Insured Employers 
01/19Minimum Wage
01/19Your Rights as a Worker
01/19Paid Family Leave
Wisconsin09/19Unemployment Insurance
04/19Employee Protections Against Use of Honesty Testing Devices
04/19Minimum Wage Disabilities
04/19Minimum Wage