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National Labor Relations Act

NLRA - Postponed


April 17, 2012 Update: The requirement to post the NLRA, that was scheduled to take effect April 30, 2012, is being postponed temporarily pending a resolution in court about the "enforcement mechanism" of posting the actual notice, regardless of the validity of the actual law contained in this notice. Just a month after a federal judge announced that the NLRB does indeed have the authority to require employers to display this notice in March, 2012; a recent ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals puts a hold to this requirement until "legal questions are resolved".


To view the NLRB's take on this ruling, please click on this link:



Executive Order 13496: Notification of Employee Right Under Federal Labor Laws previously required only employers classified as federal contractors and subcontractors to post the Employee Right Under The National Labor Relations Act notice, effective last June 21, 2010.


A NEW final rule has just been issued by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), published in the Federal Register on August 30, 2011, that now extends this posting requirement to most employers in the private sector. Taking effect April 30, 2012, the NLRB has made it mandatory for employers in the private sector subject to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to post the new version of the notice to make employees aware of their rights under the law.


The official version of the NLRA notice/poster has been released. We have a new laminated version available for purchase as seen on the items below. To view a list of who is required by law to post the upcoming NLRA notice, please click HERE.


This notice is still required for federal contractors and subcontractors, and is currently included on the Federal Contractor Poster (private companies holding Federal Contracts, or contracted by federal contractors) available for purchase by clicking here.

NLRA-Bilingual-Sm.gif Employee Rights Under NLRA Bilingual for 2012
Employee Rights- Bilingual
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NLRA-Bilingual-Sm.gif Employee Rights Under NLRA Bilingual Paper for 2012 - Now Available
Employee Rights- Bilingual
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