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  Nevada & Federal Paper Poster Spanish
Nevada & Federal Combo Spanish Made with 100% recycled bond paper, non-laminated, these posters will ship folded in 100% recycled packing containers. Thus, lessening the use of plastic from laminating films, and cardboard products from poster tubes.


NV Annual Bulletin: Daily Overtime  (04/14)
NV Annual Bulletin: Minimum Wage (04/14)

NV Discrimination (01/14)
NV Emergency Phone Numbers (Revised 03/08)
NV Lie Detector Tests (08/11)

NV Rules to be observed by Employers /Minimum Wage (11/12)

NV OSHA (06/12)

NV Tip Notice (07/99)
NV Unemployment Insurance (05/14)
NV Workers’ Compensation (Revised 10/07)
NV Pay Day Notice
Federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act
Federal Equal Employment Opportunity - Includes GINA (Revised 11/09)
Federal Family Medical Leave Act (02/13)
Federal Fair Labor Standards Act - 2009 Minimum Wage (Revised 07/09)
USERRA (Revised 11/08) 

Additional Poster:

Nevada Pay Day Notice - Required to be posted in two (2) conspicuous places
NV Tip Notice (07/99) - Required for employees who receives tips.

SMOKE FREE - If your state regulates smoking in the workplace, you may be required to post appropriate "no-smoking" signage at building entrances, break rooms, and other designated areas as required by law. This means that you may need to display signage in addition to your all-in-one labor law poster in order to satisfy the requirements in your state. Be sure to review the relevant law in your state and contact your state's department of health to determine applicable requirements for your business and ensure full compliance with the law. CLICK HERE to purchase a Smoke-Free Notice.


- Non-Laminated and printed in high quality full color using a solid, water resistant, recycle-friendly toner.
- Size: 27 x 39 inches


For more comments, questions or suggestions, you may send us an email us at sales@allinoneposters.com or call out toll-free number at +1 (800) 273-0307.

Price: $16.45
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