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  IWC#04 Professional, Technical, Clerical English
Price: $19.25



As a California employer, it is mandatory to post the Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Order applicable to your business.


An occupation order that includes professional, semiprofessional, managerial, supervisory, laboratory, research, technical, clerical, office work, and mechanical occupations.  (i.e. accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc.) Government offices, Non-Profit Organizations, and public utilities also fall under this Wage Order.


Ideal for:  Accountants, advertising agencies, architectural firms, business associations, attorney offices, banks, bookkeepers, churches, collection agencies, communications firms, computer operators and programmers, credit unions, dental offices, doctors’ offices, editors, finance companies, insurance companies, libraries, non-profit organizations, nurses, photographers, education institutions without lodgings, sales agents, stock brokerage firms, travel agencies, etc.



Applicability of Order and Definition

Hours and Days of Work

Minimum Wage - Includes 2014 Amendments

Reporting Time Pay

Licenses for Disabled Workers

Records, Cash Shortage and Breakage

Uniform and Equipment

Meals and Lodging - Includes 2014 Amendments

Meal Periods and Rest Periods

Changing Rooms and Resting Faculties

Seats, Temperature, and Elevators

Exemptions and Filing Reports

Inspection, Penalties, and Separability



  • Laminated on both sides and printed in high-quality full color
  • Measures 24” x 39”

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